Although Switzerland is a landlocked country, it can theoretically reach with the ship, for example with a river cruise on the Rhine or on the part of the Italian Langensees (Lago Maggiore), as well as with the Lake ferry Friedrichshafen-Romanshorn (with car). The many beautiful lakes worthwhile excursion by boat: for example two of the largest lakes in Europe, the soil and the Leman Lake, the largest Raddamperflotte Europe on the winding lake or a Three Lakes tour in the Western Region.

Especially attractive: The train tickets are often also for ships, the same link villages. In Zurich, for example, the Tram-/Busbillett vessel Limmat also, with one very little money for a wonderful tour of Limmat River and the lake can enjoy. The same applies to the Zurich-Rapperswil and on other lakes.


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  1. Wow… beautiful landmark. Great photo.

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